Star Career Recruitment Consultancy Response to COVID-19

In response to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, Star Career is taking the necessary steps around the globe to protect our employees and continue to serve our clients and associates.

Managing Uncertainty – Planning for the Future

"Now is the time for strong leadership and early, resolute action if we are to flatten the curve and reduce the speed of contagion from the virus. That needs to be our primary priority right now, above all else. This is a healthcare crisis first, causing economic hardship in many industries and businesses, especially those that rely on social interactions as part of their day-to-day operations. If we mitigate the healthcare impact, we will alleviate the economic consequences.

We do not know how long this situation will last, or the significance of its impact, but we do know that with the right people and swift actions, we can manage this challenge and come out stronger in the end."

For, Star Career Recruitment Consultancy.